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Promotional Pens for Lawyers and Accountants

PenFactory has a wide selection of promotional business items that come in playful styles and fun colors. Of course we also have a lot of promotional pens perfect for the most refined businesses around. Whether you are offering high-end legal services or serious accounting assistance to big money clients, there is definitely a pen that meets your firm’s promotional needs.

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Our Hampton Classic is a great example of a promotional pen that would work for these high-end industries. The thin, metallic look is ideal for the button-down office environments that these companies run. In a lot of these companies, logo-adorned pens become the default writing implements of the office. With a wide array of contracts and other paperwork, the pens being used become inextricably linked to the branding of your firm or agency.

If you are an office manager looking for the perfect promotional pen for your legal organization or accounting firm, look no further than the variety of traditional looking pens available from PenFactory. There are a lot of refined choices in our inventory perfect for even the most high-end of agencies.

Bottle Opener Promotional Keychains Last

Apparently people like to drink. Whether you enjoy popping a cold one open yourself or not, you probably recognize the tremendous business opportunity humans’ love of booze presents. This opportunity is not limited to people who serve alcoholic drinks. No matter what business you happen to work in, you can make people’s love of drinking work for you by advertising on promotional keychains that just happen to be bottle openers too.

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These bottle opener promotional keychains last people for years and keep your business name in the palm of theirs and others’ hands for far longer than many other promotional materials. Instead of investing in a billboard that has a short shelf life and a hefty price tag, invest in a gift for customers that will be in use for a long time.

PenFactory’s selection of promotional keychains is not limited to bottle openers. But if you have a business looking to appeal to a mostly adult male audience, there is little that will have the staying power like a bottle opener. Parties, work events, barbecues, and a wide array of other social opportunities abound for these bottle openers to become not just helpful tools for getting tipsy, but conversation pieces as well.

Eco Recycled Pocket Jotter

For most people, taking notes does not end once you leave school. In fact, for many of us our lives become more inundated with memos, notes, and helpful Post-Its than ever before during adulthood. Whether taking a message that someone called for a roommate or family member, or trying to remember what you need to pick up on a trip to the supermarket, it seems there is rarely a piece of paper ready to take the message. Instead, many of us write in the margins of our newspapers or on unused napkins.


PenFactory is offering businesses of all kinds the opportunity to provide customers with a place to put these messages while getting their brand out there. One of the best options from our line of business promotional items is our Eco Recycled Pocket Jotter. These small notebooks feature a few different options on paper size and color and come adorned with your business’ logo. You can offer them along with promotional pens or all by themselves.

Next time one of your customers needs to take a note, he might just remember what great service he received at your store. They will at the very least remember your name and the handy gift.

Promotional Backpacks for Student Employees

Trying to recruit a few money-hungry college students to be your employees? A great offer is a backpack adorned with a company logo. Your trusty employees can strut around campus conveniently carrying their books, and anything else they may need, while carrying the banner for your store or shop. These pleasant business gifts are also a nice way to keep employees happy and loyal.


Promotional pens and pencils can definitely go a long way when your employees are students. These backpacks, though, are a much more effective reward. Students lose pens regularly, and while that is good for spreading your name, it is not so good for making employees appreciate their jobs. Inexpensive offers like promotional travel mugs and logo-adorned notebooks are a regular fixture for businesses trying to keep employees happy. When you are hiring and selling to students, it is a good move to consider their needs when choosing the right promotional items.

Backpacks also stand out because they are not a regularly used business promotional item. Instead, they allow you to stand out from the pack of businesses offering promotional pencils and other smaller options. These bags can last years and spread your name well beyond campus.

Promotional Pens with Grippers

For decades people used pens with no grip to them at all. A lack of grip didn’t throw the pen world into turmoil, but it did make it uncomfortable to write for several hours.

These days all matter of rubbers, plastics, other materials and grooves in the pen itself make holding a pen and writing easier. Thankfully, we here at have a wide array of variations on the grips that adorn promotional pens from businesses of all kinds.


None of these methods are better than the rubber gripper on our Jumbo Retractable Gripper Pen. It is one of the finest promotional pens on the market, and it allows your fingers, whether you are right-handed or left-handed, to comfortably write for as long as your heart desires. It is a great way to promote a business.

These days many businesses are giving out promotional pens without any sort of gripper attached. (I think of the pens at TD Banks nationwide, which both aesthetically and functionally leave a lot to be desired.) If you are looking for a better kind of pen to promote your business, look no further. We have high-quality pens with useful grippers that will keep pens right where they belong for a long time to come.

Tote Bags as Promotional Business Items

Promotional business items are often small. We want something we can place in a cup on a counter or simply toss in a bag as a person is leaving our business. Then again, what if the bag itself was a reusable promotional business item?


With a larger item, your potential to be seen grows along with the size of the piece. A tote bag emblazoned with your logo will travel a long way and be seen by a wide array of people. The result is a promotional business item that gets spotted and builds awareness not just with the user, but with a wide array of random people they might happen to encounter on the street.

If you take public transportation with any regularity, you will recognize a plethora of labels, corporations and businesses simply from seeing their logos on fellow commuters’ tote bags. It is that kind of clear advertising that can have your company turning a sale on account of your brand recognition. Consumers will often hear two names and simply go with the one they know, no matter how they found out about them.

These tote bags are a great option for businesses of all kinds to invest in.

Promotional Business Items in a Gift Basket

Early in the life of a business, there are a lot of opportunities to capitalized on. Whether it is a business luncheon or a seminar in which serious networking is possible, there is no excuse for not bringing your A-game. Our promotional business items can play a pivitol role in this.


When your company has little in assets, a gift basket sent to a potential client, especially a big one, can grease just the right kind of wheels. The logo-adorned reusable travel mugs along with other specially made items legitimize your business. The personalized note that comes with the basket shows you mean business. In the end, with each and every client you win, you are just trying to get your foot in the door to make the sale. A gift basket in this context can go a long way.

Arranging a gift basket is simple. Just make sure the baskets, or whatever you choose to place your gifts in, is appropriately sized for your needs. Each item should be emblazoned with your logo, save for the possible inclusion of some tasty snacks. Be sure to include your personal contact information along with a personalized letter and all of those promotional business items.

Fun Facts About Promotional Pencils

Being called Pen Factory sort of assures that we do a lot of business on our personalized promotional pens. Why? They are exceptional! Our wide selection of promotional business items extends well beyond pens. As any regular reader to this blog is surely well aware of, we make room for travel mugs, keychains and tiny tools of all kinds. We also have a special place in our hearts for promotional pencils.

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Sure, promotional pencils might not sell as well as pens but they are pretty special themselves. Here are some exciting facts about pencils. (Warning: If your mind is easily blown, you might want to just skip to our website.)

  • Pencils write in zero gravity.You read that correctly. While pens require the help of gravity to work, pencils can get the job done all on their own.
  • Enough pencils are produced every year to circle the globe 62 times. Obviously this is not the best use of your promotional pencils but a fun fact none the less.
  • One pencil can draw a line 70 miles long. You are going to need a long sheet of paper and a lot of time.
  • An average pencil can be sharpened 17 times and write 45,000 words.



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